Louis Ayotte

After training in giant puppets in 1985, Louis gets attention for his sense of “leadership” and organization, and is entrusted with the positions of tour director, stage manager, production assistant, researcher and rehearsal coach, assistant director, assistant to the artistic direction, all while remaining an actor. From 1985 to 1995, he participated in several of the Theatre sans fils’ shows, including the famous Seigneur des Anneaux (Lord of the Rings), Ravel, Le hobbit (The Hobbit), Rabelais, Jeux de rêve (Dream game), La couronne du destin (Destiny’s crown), et Le Grand jeu de nuit (The Big Night Game). With more than 1500 shows under his belt, in 1996 he co-founds the Kobol puppet company (www.kobol.ca), in order to highlight his talents as an organizer, a designer and a performer. Since then, he hasn’t stopped building on his passion for performing arts but always with a care for excellence and artistic quality.

Past events