Azina et Chiwawa

Inspired by dance, mime and a vocal art coming out of an improbable Japan, Azina (Hélène Langevin) and Chiwawa (Danielle Lecourteois) is the meeting between two artists who make us taste their sweet folly with the grace of lightness and the depth of the absurd. Recognized for their famous sketched where one mimes while the other accompanies her vocally, freely inspired by Japanese resonances; Aziza and Chiwawa, when on stage, improvise, reinterpret tales, compose dances or invent crazy rituals. As two angelic clowns, Azina and Chiwawa present us with a live photo-story which oscillates between expressionist film and burlesque Nô theatre. Since 1996, Azina and Chiwawa have produced themselves at the Montreal Jazz Festival, at the Festival d’été de Québec, at benefit shows for Brouhaha Danse and Secrétaires Percutantes, at Women on the Edge, at the Just for Laughs Festival, at the closing evening for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, at Cabaret de la Pleine lune (Full Moon Cabaret) evenings (Lion d’or and Cirque du Soleil), at the Festival de la Courte Forme (Festival of Short Form), and at FTA’s Cabaret evening.