Louis-René Beaudin

With a bachelor’s degree in French and Quebec Literature, Louis-René Beaudin has been observing Montréal’s cultural life for the past ten years. Radio talk-show host on CIBL 101.5’s daily cultural overview Le 4 à 6 culturel, Louis-René Beaudin has been interviewing artists for five years. But it is doing interviews on Vox Channel’s show Baromètre that enabled him to become acquainted with Quebec’s local music scene. Louis-René, the movie-buff, has been hosting the Ciné-Club du Théâtre d’Outremont every Monday since 2005. Whether on the radio or as a researcher and blogger in Africa for NFB’s Parole citoyenne or as radio journalist for AMARC at the Porto Alegre and Caracas World Social Forums, World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Louis-René Beaudin spreads his passion for today’s most discussed cultural, social and political topics.

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