(Roen Higgins)

Born and raised in Montréal this energetic optimist always channeled her energy into something creative. Everyone knew her as the one to flip words, and paint a picture through her diction. Regardless of suggestions to become writer, actor, painter and comedian, she chose to become a Special Education Technician. Her ears have drummed mostly to the rhythms of gospel, soul, hip-hop and RnB. She has been a member of several choirs, dance groups and entered the program for Theater for Human Development at Concordia University. After slightly injuring her vocal chords she stopped performing and continued to write songs. In 2001 she attended an urban talent show where the hostess announced a free K-os CD give away to whoever arrived to the stage first. Roen out of breath was asked to sing, she declined but responded with an improv piece hence her being dubbed a poet. After 6 months of performing in her new found expression she took a break to spend time with her daughter. Roen stepped back on the scene to win 1st and 2nd place in BTW and coco café two-day improv poetry slam in the fall of 2004. Still working in schools and detention centers as a counselor, she continues to work on her goal to open a creative expression outlet for youth. This center will help them translate their lives through God’s gift to us, our talents, a therapy of a lifetime.

Past events