Antoine Boute

Antoine Boute lives and works at Tervuren (Belgium), almost in a forest. Using a large diversity of means and medias, Boute explores the impacts between body, language and voice: experimental novels, poems, essays, sound performances, conferences, graphic poetry, films, performance on the Internet, collective writing with his children, organization of a festival in a forest, newspaper edition, collaborations with musicians, poets, draftsmen, children, people without a home and students (that are still living with their parents or not). He is the writer of such books as Cavales, Blanche, Terrasses, Retirez la sonde, Du toucher. Essai sur Pierre Guyotat, Brrr!, Technique de pointe (with Ariane Bart), Comment vivre sans maison? (with Victor and Lucas Boute), Blanche Rouge and Post-crevette.

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