Marie Brassard

For several years, with Robert Lepage and other artists she elaborated concepts, co authored and performed in several films, shorts and theater plays. Initiating her personal exploration of the use of sound on stage, she created her first solo play, Jimmy, créature de Rêve, at the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques, in Montréal in 2001. In her more recent work, The Darkness, Peepshow, The Glass Eye and The Invisible, she continued her technological investigation, interweaving voices and soundtracks, shifting between levels of reality, bringing us face to face with a world where the boundaries between public and private are increasingly fluid, and the relationship between individuals and technology is increasingly intimate. Establishing her as a unique voice in contemporary theatre, her work, presented in English and French in several cities all over Americas, Europe and Australia, earned enormous success worldwide. She is artistic director of the production company Infrarouge.

Past events