Géraldine Bureau

Géraldine Bureau is having a ball. Her origins in visual art eventually led her to cultural animation and she is involved in a number of cultural and community projects. She spends most of her time at the DIA sociocultural action center, where she is working on the happening nocturne L’Agora Festif. She stumbled into the music scene in 2006, when she met Navet Confit. Since then, through Project Geraldine, they have had lots of fun taking apart the clichés of pop music. Soon afterwards, Géraldine plunged into making clothes. In 2008, in collaboration with the store Molykulte, she created a designer collection chosen by local musicians and worked with artist Dominique Pétrin on the project Panthon Pétro. Her most recent endeavour, Les Sirènes, approaches music in a much more intuitive way, throwing together different sounds and trying to drive out the great wound of love.

Past events