Sonia Bustos

Mexican-born performer and creator based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal). She is deeply interested in socio-political engagement as well as in the recognition of the performer’s creative work. Her artistic research is focused on women’s issues, Latin America’s third root, memory, theatricality, and the relationship between the performer and the audience. She has danced for Danza Contemporánea Universitaria, the company Les Soeurs Schmutt, as well as the interdisciplinary group GKO. She is the performer-creator of Intérieur brut and Je ne vais pas inonder la mer. She is currently creating the trilogy composed by Luz: Dentelle (Tangente, 2021), Luz: Terre (OFFTA/Phénomena, 2021) et Luz: Echo.

Sonia holds a Master’s degree in dance from UQAM and a degree in theatre from UNAM. For the realization of her projects, Sonia has received the support of: FONCA (Mexico), CAC, CALQ, CAM, MAI, CCOV, Studio 303, Accès culture Montréal and La Serre.

Past events