Frans Ben Callado

Born in Montreal in 1978, Frans Ben Callado is a composer, poet, filmmaker, and painter of Spanish and Colombian heritage. His creativity is inspired the spirit of social struggles combined with improvisational work, which he regularly practices in several different locales. The author of operas, of a symphony, of lieder, and of chamber music, he is now pursuing a Master’s in film scoring at the University of Montreal. He is also an accompanying pianist for ballet classes, though swears never to have danced himself. In 2001-02, he organized the multidisciplinary Soirées Lacrymogènes (Tearful Evenings) at the Café Ludik. He also put together the contemporary rock group, Concorde Crash, whose album, 19 impeccables sutures, was selected by SOPREF as one of the 5 best Montreal albums of 2005. His first collection of poetry, Visages après l’averse (Faces After the Storm), was released in the spring of 2007 by Poetes de Brousse.

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