Canailles first came into being during summer 2009 in Parc Lafontaine. At first, there were six musicians of differing styles who would meet to improvise their own versions of bluegrass, country and blues standards. As they kept running into each other, at the same time and place several times a week, they started to enjoy playing together and decided to take it a step further by putting together a show of cover versions they could perform just about anywhere. Their love story did not stop there; it kept on growing and growing until one day they started composing their own songs in spoken Québécois, developing their own unique sound inspired by cajun, zydeco, country, blues, bluegrass, ragtime and garage rock. Currently, Canailles is a group of seven (or eight or twelve, depending) self-taught hyperactive musicians schooled in whisky-soaked late nights, always ready to take to the road to share a passion for their rousing, unpolished brand of acoustic music.

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