Paul Cargnello

Prolific singer-songwriter Paul Cargnello has received recognition from the city he has not only made his home, but his inspiration. Paul was nominated for the Felix Leclerc award this year, along side some of Quebecs best talent. As an Anglo Montrealer, it is a huge honour to be nominated for this award. Cargnello also garnered the Alex Soria Fountains Award for Best Singer-Songwriter-Performer at the 2005 MIMI awards. These were a watershed for a career developed and honed from the ground up, where Paul’s personal vendetta upon the music scene was to be himself above all else. Marked by political activism, powerful lyricism, and an eclectic blend of musical styles, Paul has stayed true to a city that has influenced his now distinct sound that can only be labeled as Montrealaise. Cargnello’s urban and edgy reggae-rock is backed by solid musicianship that can be transcended to the streets of any major city.

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