Mélanie Charest

Mélanie Charest is a woman, a cultural mutant, and a multidisciplinary artist, who works in the milieu of theater and street art since 1998. She has focused on scenography for puppet theater and works at undermining many facets of art (visual, clown play, mime, puppets.) In 2003 she forms with Pierre Potvin the theater and creation company ZAL (Zone Artistique Libre — Free Art Zone): La femme est un piano… (Woman is a Piano…) [2004], Chants de Mimes (Songs of Mimes) [2005], Les Cloches (Bells) [2006], A Fleur de Pot and La Leçon d’Anatomie (The Anatomy Lesson) [2008]. She is a founding member of the cultural space La Cenne which brings together some 10 art groups and offers rehearsal rooms, offices and workshops. One recognizes her specific style through her passion for strangeness, her fantastic universe and her visual poetry.

Past events