Larissa Corriveau

Larissa grew up in Maria, in Baie des Chaleur. She plays piano and has loved horses for a very long time. Larissa is fascinated by language and its limits. This fascination has pushed her towards scholarly pursuits in theatre, dance and music. On tour throughout Europe and the Americas for the past few years with the Dynamo theatre company, Larissa performs as a trilingual storyteller and accordionist. In 2009, in Ottawa, she played the role of Isabelle in Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion comique. Larissa has also been under the tutelage of various creative professionals (Stéphane Cheynis (Butô, France), O’Vertigo and Handrew Harwood (contemporary dance, Montréal), Jonas Iniguez, Marika Landry and Luciana Valle (tango, Montréal and Marseilles). In 2007 and 2008, she placed as a finalist for the Arthur-Rimbaud poetry prize, in Paris. And since language has its limits, she has been writing poetry ever since he learned how to write, and is learning Russian without really knowing why.

Past events