Michel F Côté

With fluidity and some degree of craziness, he commits himself to whomever he wants, thereby avoiding all attempts at reductive classification. Montréal-born and co-founder of the CD label &records, he stumbles among several bands: bob, Klaxon Gueule, Pink Saliva, (juste) Claudette, Mecha Fixes Clock. Even though associated to the staging arts as a designer, he is not softening his approach. Thus, in the field of dancing he is associated with the choreographies of Catherine Tardif, Sylvain Émard, Louise Bédard, Shanti Wadge, and José Navas; in theater, he scratches his head with Wadji Mouawad, Robert Lepage, Brigitte Haentjens, Eric Jean and Martin Faucher.

Past events