Ève Cournoyer

Singer and technical sound person Ève Cournoyer has been writing, composing and producing her own songs for about 10 years. After completing her albums, Sabot-de-Vénus (2002) and L’écho (2005), she returned to the original raw sound files and went to the studio to add bass (Maurice Williams and Fred Fortin), drums (Alain Quirion and Alain Bergé) and electric guitar (Jocelyn Tellier and Guy Kaye). A lover of words, Ève Cournoyer cultivates the art of sentences that affects and resonates, evocative melody that remains long after the last note has played. Her writing, punctuated in both senses of the word, navigates between shadow and light, vacillating between political and the funny or romantic. The fruit of her creativity was recognized when the SOCAN honoured her with a prize for her songs Dans le bois and Tout arrive. Ève Cournoyer has also written the soundtrack for François Delisle’s Le bonheur c’est une chanson triste (2004) and Toi (2007) . Coming back strong from two recent tours with Richard DesjardinsKanasuta in 2004 and 2008, Ève has been performing in bands and as a solo artist in various festivals throughout Quebec.

Past events