Julien d’Abrigeon

“All terrain” poet born in Aubenas, France, in 1973, Julien d’Abrigeon was brought up in nature with no added colors and preservatives. Not known to be very “sporty”, he nonetheless practices action-poetry, sonic poetry, visual poetry, e-poetry and other arts of the tongue table. He is a founding member of the BoXoN collective and webmaster for the T.A.P.I.N. website: a presentation of modern poets through singular and somewhat eccentric collections and projects. He published in various magazines (BoXoN, Doc(k)s, if, Ouste, Action Poétique, Fusées, Alire, Talkie-Walkie, Stalker[Suède]…), and on websites (ubu.com, epc-buffalo, e-critures, sitaudis, Hypercourt, Stalker….). He published the booklet Croix, n.f. with Trame-ouest in 2001, and Pas Billy the Kid with Al Dante publishing in 2005.

Past events

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