Estelle Davis

Foal Din | Fold-in | 22/23 folles dînent! (1996-2019) is the first staged collaboration and 230th witty conversation backstage with lesbian feminist rabble-rouser, rhetoritian, and organizer Estelle Davis, co-founder of trans femme support brigade Taking What We Need (with Elle Barbara & Lenore Claire Harrem), hostess of his season comedy revue Stand-Up for What We Need and is the author of various essays and wigs of labia majora importance to Montréal’s gender avant-garde. She embody-ody-odies the mononymic character of EEV, the Ulay to Jan Arneau’s Marina Abramovic. Estelle and Jordan share the joy in throwing benefit shows and performing together everywhere from the snair-cased Sala Rossa to Montréal Arts Interculturel (Camp Cabaret, 2017), FUND TRANS POWER! (May, 2018), and POMPe for Suoni per il Popoli (June, 2019, curated by Laura Boo MacDonald). They both like Marxism and hair.