Sky de Sela

“Perform a somersault, juggle clubs, wear a real costume”; these were the three wishes that Sky de Sela made in 1984, as a 14 year-old Pickle Family Circus apprentice in San Francisco. Here, she learned the trades: circus artist, trapezist. But for the past four years, she has committed fully—and the road is opening up for her. A stint at the C.N.A.C. (France) and three years at École Nationale de Cirque de Montreal proved useful in creating links and strengthening her passion. Create a trapeze number in the style of classical ballet (as a trio), create a circus, and a family. Another three wishes. Cirque Pocheros was founded in 1994, balancing the wishes. A year later, Kamma was born. For eight years, life is under the big top and beneath the stars. Europe, Cambodia, Australia… When Alma was born, the sky descended from above as she faced new challenges: touching, from close-up; emoting without alienating; creating laughter. The work of creating characters was just as risky as trapeze work, but differently so. With Cirque, L’Histoire d’Auguste, she dedicated herself seriously to the task of making people laugh. She launched the production across Europe, Latin America, Ireland. Rita was born. At 39 years old, mother of three girls, she removed herself from circus life in order to have a better look at it and to create a solo show. Speaking with words. Being extremely transparent, worthy, ridiculous…

Past events

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