Jean-Marc Desgent

Jean-Marc Desgent was born in Montréal in 1951. Since 1974, he has released over twenty books. He has taught literature and anthropology at the college level since 1976. His poetic works have won him numerous prizes including the grand prize of the Festival International de Poésie de Trois-Rivières (1994, 2005), the Rina-Lasnier prize (2000), the Félix-Antoine-Savard prize (2002), the Governor General’s Award, and the Estuaire des Terrasses Saint-Sulpice prize (2005). In 2006, he took home the Sabinès-Lapointe prize. His new work, Filles et garçons manqués (Missed Girls and Boys) will be released in Paris in March 2008, followed by Les Anges dans nos campagnes (Angels in our Fields).

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