Marie-Claude De Souza

From various interventions in public spaces, Marie-Claude de Souza harvests words: she prompts sudden encounters to nurture her writing and embellish the daily lives of people passing by. Inspired by these moments, she adapts every day’s beauty to her poetic prose. From St-Augustin-de-Woburn to Sept-Îles and from Gatineau to the Guadeloupe, she travelled more than 5555 km, hitchhiking and reciting her compositions to drivers who dared take her on board. These activities, aimed to democratize poetry and decentralize culture, earned her in 2009 an awareness involvement award given by the Secrétariat à la jeunesse du Québec. Her latest collection of poems entitled Ma joyeuse tête de piñata bears witness to her desire to shatter this art form. Une plume au vent…une plume qui fait face aux grands et petits malheurs avec couleur, vivacité et naïveté… (A feather quivering in the wind… a feather opposing great and minor misfortunes with color, vivacity and innocence.)

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