Frederick Desroches

For nearly 20 years, Frederick Desroches traveled the province working on hundreds of different musical projects, both as musical director freelancer, which allowed him to gain experience in performance, accompanying, in composition, in arrangements, and especially in improvisation. Pianist and keyboardist, he has shared the stage with over 500 professional musicians. He accompanied his way, artists such as Lady Alys Robi, Mélanie Renaud and Keith Kouna). On several occasions, he joint Soizick Hebert (Cabaret de Noël, Cabaret Yé, Concert, Perle Blanche, Festivals). He also lends his musical creations in several projects (Swing Station, clown show, Au Pied du Mur, rock opera, Dada, theater), and arrangements for various formations (Big band, string quartets, music for films …).

Past events