Aracely Ivan Terzis Dominguez

Aracely is a biological/artistical/phenomelogical mess based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang. An autodidact with authority issues (ODD), she dropped out of school quite early (to go travel and be a selfish backpacker and a stoner).

Fortunately, she was able at some point (after multiple failed attempts.), to entangle herself with trusting people who were ready to give her more tools as a dancer, interpreter and overall artist.

Thru the contemporary (white?) multi-disciplinary dance formation of Stephanie Decourteille, in which she assisted (tried to) and studied for 2 years, she was able to merge the literary worlds of her imagination (fame and money) and the physicality of her deepest longings (tentacle porn).

She now juggles between sex positive practices, vogue and an on-going creative (crush?) relationship with Mélusine Bonillo. To this day, it is always her relentless goal to find the poetry in the transilient nature of the deep meta-fractures around (indigenous genocide, collective phobia of the OTHER bodies, exploitation (rape) of the overall ecological software, etc) and make it bloom into fertile spaces of on-going queer collecto-egoism.