Chantal Dumas

Chantal Dumas is interested in new musical and sonic forms of expression. Her favourite medium is radio. Since 1993, she has created and produced radio art as an independent producer. Her work explores various narrative techniques through sound. Her “stories” have been aired by national radios in Canada, Europe, and Australia and in festivals. Chantal Dumas has received grants from the Canada Council and the Fondation Beaumarchais in France. In 1994, she won an award at the First Hörspiel radio creation competition — Acoustic Art, organized by La Muse en Circuit and Sacem in cooperation with Radio France. Her work The Perfume of Women received the First Prize in the Ars Acustica category of the EAR ’97 International Electroacoustic Competition (Hungary) as well as the SACD prize for fiction from the 7th Phonurgia Nova / France (97) international radio creation competition. Her work can be found on CDs released by Ohm Éditions/ AVATAR (Quebec) and Nonsequitur (USA).

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