David Michael aka DVD has studied and performed dance for more than 10 years. His style of choice is Break, broadly known as breakdance. He has studied under local and international dancers in order to expand his dance practice and his study of Hip Hop culture. The way he sees it, Break offers him courage, determination and better self-esteem. His trajectory within dance has led him to travel to the U.S., Hong Kong, France and the Netherlands. As a result of these travels he has received valuable lessons that have helped him grow not only as a dancer but as a person. These days, he continues to grow within his art through professional training; he also works as a teacher who inspires young people to dance and have fun!

He is a part of Montréal Street Dancer, a group with a strong reputation in Montréal that has existed for five years. The dancers, always at ease in front of an audience, have unique technique and professionalism that characterize their well-known street performances. Improvisation is their specialty.

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