Bernard Falaise

Musically ambidextrous, Bernard Falaise composes, plays guitar, and improvises as part of several groups including Klaxon Gueule, Miriodor, Les Projectionnistes, and PapaBoa. He has written works for l’Ensemble Pentaèdre, le Quatuor Bozzini, l’Ensemble Quasar, Bradyworks, and others. He produced albums by Frank Martel (Sautons ce repas de midi — Let’s Skip Lunch) Jorane (Vent fou — Crazy Wind), D. Kimm (Le Silence des hommes — The Silence of Men) et de Marie-Jo Thério (La Maline — She-Devil) and frequently plays in concert with the latter. We’ve noticed his presence alongside folks as varied as André Duchesne, Pierre Cartier, Urbain Desbois, Frank Martel, René Lussier, Michel F. Côté, and Robert Marcel Lepage. He produced several soundtracks for theatre, dance, cinema, and television (including works for Robert Lepage, Marcelle Hudon, David Pressault, Martin Faucher, and Hélène Langevin). Allergic to labels, Bernard Falaise has been known to explore acid rock, industrial tango, or serial waltzing, all with the selfsame drive, using traditional writing as well as digital technology. A native Montrealer with southern origins, poet José Acqueline has published a dozen collections of poetry over twenty years. As a performer, a host, and a member of the editorial committee of Estuaire magazine, he ceaselessly seeks out collaborations with visual artists (cinema, photography) and with musicians of all styles (jazz, contemporary, modern, pop) so as promote poetry across genres. His most recent collection of poetry, L’absolu est un dé rond (The Absolute is a Round Die) was published by Les Herbes rouges in 2006.

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