Michel Faubert

Michel Faubert has been researching tales and legends for more than twelve years. At the same time, he has built up a repertoire of folk songs. His meeting with guitarist André Duchesne, associated with the musique actuelle scene, led to the production of the record Maudite Mémoire (1992) which changed the landscape of Quebec folklore. Then came Carême et Mardi Gras (1995) and a series of shows during which Faubert the storyteller merged increasingly with Faubert the singer. Since 1993, Michel Faubert has been invited to dozens of festivals in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. In 1998, he won the Gold Medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Madagascar in the storyteller category with Le Passeur, a show presented over 300 times in Quebec, Canada, Europe and Africa. The show has been immortalized by a live recording. Among Faubert’s other records are L’Écho des Bois (1997) and La Récompense, complaintes à capella (2000). In 1999, he created a show called L’âme qui sortait de la bouche du dormeur, also available on record.

Past events