Alexandre Faustino

Alexandre Faustino was born in Montréal one chilly day in autumn. He developed a taste for adventure at an early age, and at 17, decided to spend a year in Europe. He wandered penniless on the streets of Paris before coming back to Quebec in 1996. He went to school and worked at a variety of jobs, then travelled to Mexico and the United States. The author took a trip to the Antilles to meet the poet Aimé Césaire: the two never did meet, unfortunately, as Césaire was out of the country at the time. Alexandre Faustino is the author of a number of poetry collections (Sa beauté Carcérale, Épiphanie et l’Homicide sensoriel), as well as some strange cassettes, one depression and a number of broken windows. He has owned an African praying mantis, a ferret, a toad and a rock collection.

Past events