Fred Fortin

For about 15 years, Fred Fortin has been a rising star on Quebec’s new song scene. From his first album release entitled Joseph Antoine Frédéric Perron Fortin, produced by his own means without any government funding, and up to the release of his fourth: Planter le décor in 2004, Fred Fortin has been praised by the critics and warmly acclaimed by a faithful audience and by his peers. As a mark of regard, the French artist Thomas Fersen entrusted Fred Fortin the direction of his own eighth album: Trois petits tours. Fersen also hired Fortin as a bass player during his 2009 European tour. The core of his musical artistic universe can be found in his fifth album: Plastrer la lune, released in September 2009. Fred Fortin’s songwriting explores and gathers all the fundamental aspects of life: fear, death, love loneliness, anxiety … and humor of course — lots of humor and openness! Kindled in Fortin’s log cabin hidden in his Lac-Saint-Jean native area, his poetry hits harder than the sound of a band rocking out down town.

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