Jackie Gallant

Jackie Gallant is a musician, video artist and composer who creates and performs for dance, video and film. She began her musical career as a drummer for several Montréal rock groups. Since then she’s toured nationally and internationally with everyone from La La La Human Steps to Lesbians on Ecstasy. As sound designer and composer she has worked with, among others, actor/directors Marie Brassard and Brigitte Poupart, video artists Nelson Henricks, Nikki Forrest and Dayna McLeod and choreographers George Stamos, Sarah Williams and Karen Fennell. In fall 2015 she composed, directed and performed in the pop opera (POD~themusical) as part of the Phenomena festival. In the spring of 2016 she began work on a multimedia piece (The King of Pop). In the last two years she has been involved as composer and performer in projects with Fortier Danse-Création (Trois and Solo 70), Émilie Monnet (Okinum) and Hélen Simard (Idiot and Requiem Pop). As a sound, performance and video artist, her work addresses and deconstructs pop culture with self-referential humor and subtle subversion.

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