Gambletron is an interdisciplinary sonic performance artist and musician based out of Montréal. She is known for her noise-electronic improvisation, multi radio composition, roving radio transmission, experimental noise karaoke and curating performances in unique outdoors locations. She creates loud, glitch, textural soundscapes with a slight reference to dance music accompanied by lo-fi, circuit bent toys, found objects, musical saw, radios, bowed bike wheels, cheap synths, reel2reels and other types of electronics. Gambletron has toured internationally and participated in various festivals and residencies. Some include the Donau Festival (AU), Nuit Sonores (FR) and Etoilles Polaires (BE). She is also found performing and collaborating in numerous projects on Constellation Records such as Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista, Hrsta, Clues, and Matana Robert’s Coin Coin. She plays with Orkestar Kriminal and Greenland’s current pop sensation, Nive Nielsen and the Deer Children. She is the co-founder of Generator Montréal and Objet Inusité.

Past events