Giselle Numba One

The girly from Hot Springs does a whole *other* thing! Loop pedals, glockenspiels, flute, melodica, random beats, kalimba… you name it! This is a whole new esoteric kinda hip hop. She raps about witches, and convinces her pals in trippy rock bands to make beats with her. She’s collaborated with folks like SoCalled, Subtitle (AKA Giovanni Marks from LA), MachineDrum (NYC), Gatineau, but lately she’s become a bit of a feminista producer… a QUEENcy Jones, if you will. This will be her first show in Montréal after she busted it out in Brussels, Berlin, and Nuuk, Greenland, bouncing her rhymes off of squats and igloos. She’ll be backed up with Gambletron, AKA Lisa Gamble.

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