François Gourd

François Yo Gourd: V.I.P. (Very Idiotic Professional), Goofilosopher and sillyalogist. François Yo Gourd is a happy imbecile who can sometimes cry. Having opened Les Foufounes Électriques with two other accomplices, he has tried everything, from acid to magic mushrooms. He is president of the Neorhino party of Canada. He produced the movies L’avis d’un fou, La pharmacie de l’Espoir, Masturbation Libre le Manifeste and La Luna Llena de la Libertad. He is also co-producer of the movie Le village de l’Île Perdue and organizer of the Symfolium cabarets and the Pleine Lune for over 15 years. He is an adept painter, sculptor, writer, improv actor, multidisciplinary artist and master without ceremonies. Now an old monkey, he meditates on the uselessness of humanity. Having written the manifesto to the Neorhino party, L’Utopie Réalisable, he is trying to separate Quebec from Canada in order to unite with Cuba to create a Cubec Libre.

Past events