Caroline Hayeur

Artist Caroline Hayeur focuses on themes of humanity, emotion, and connections between people through a practice deeply rooted in the present moment. Drawing on her experience of field photography since in the early 1990s, she is interested in concepts of place and home as expressed through friendships, families, and broader communities. Her work illuminates surprising connections between subjects through juxtaposition and proximity. Many of her projects began as artist residencies either in Quebec or internationally.

Since 2003, Hayeur has led photographic workshops with various communities and has worked with a wide range of groups including adolescents, immigrants, and business employees on issues of creativity, identity, and self-esteem. Projects include work with Haitian youth from Montréal’s Saint Michel neighbourhood during the Stock en Haïti: Quinze ans exhibit and with new immigrants for the project Amalgat: Danse, Tradition Et Autres Spiritualites. Through these projects she uses photography as a tool for promoting a democratic sense of self-worth. Her projects Ici c’est chez moi (Habiter, VU Photo, Quebec City, 2006) and Habiter — Au-delà de ma chambre (NFB, 2011) invite adolescents to photograph their bedrooms and their imaginary “home sweet home.” Community spirit runs throughout all of Hayeur’s work, with acts of community and neighbourhood engagement at the heart of her practice.

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