Brigitte Henry

Brigitte Henry lives and works in Montréal. After studying photography at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, she started working on a project called Waterproof, portrait sous l’eau, which won numerous prestigious awards and was also published by L’effet pourpre. This underwater photographic study was the first step towards the realization of her fascination with the weightless human body. She experiments with space to appeal to the senses, to suggest another dimension, or else to propose an alternate reality. Her images are haunted by the strange and unusual, which develop into a plot for the observer. Brigitte has presented her photographs from the Waterproof series at l’Institut français de Prague in 2004, in Kosice, Slovakia in 2005, and at the ‘OFF’ from Mois de la photo in Paris (2006). She has directed several music videos (Lhasa de Sela, Patrick Watson), and she decorated room 15c of the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City (2007). She also collaborates on multidisciplinary projects with fellow artist D. Kimm and Les Filles electriques and is currently working on a short film titled A la recherché du vrai moi, for which she has been awarded a creation grant from the CALQ.

Past events