Joane Hétu

Composer, saxophonist and vocalist, but especially woman of reason and passion, Joane Hétu has been carving for over 30 years, a prominent place on the music scene in the bend of an unusual path. Self-taught, she first performed songs in avant-garde rock bands Wondeur Brass, Justine and Les Poules. Then, she turned to composition (the evocative triptych Musique d’hiver) and improvisation, often combining (with Ensemble SuperMusique) these two approaches whithin the framework of improvisation. She co-hosts Mercredimusics a series of improvised music (since 2004), which allows her to play with a wide community of improvisers. She forms Nous perçons les oreilles, a duo with Jean Derome, which engages in song and radical improvisation. Her recent projects Filature and La femme territoire ou 21 fragments d’humus combine music, dance and experimental video and since 2012 she leads the choir Joker. Joane Hétu was awarded the 2006 Freddie Stone Award. She is a member of the Ambiances Magnetiques record label, president of the DAME record company and co-artistic director of Productions SuperMusique.

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