Institutional Prostitution

Montréal-New York based, multidisciplinary unit Institutional Prostitution was first formed in 2011 when artists Mélissa Gagné and Sadaf H Nava decides to write a play about Metaphysical love and Conceptual fuck in order to refund their student loans. Performed in their bedroom, bathroom and basement, this play dealt with god and teenage dreams of becoming god by making 6 hours film starring fast food workers. Up to now the duo produced music albums (Yes We Steal, KU$HI $HI $HI, Baroque Rococo), videos (Fuck you Stupid!), performances including a car burial ceremony (Festiva) and music concerts for private listeners (Hi Ni FI). Between 2011 and 2013, they presented their brazen work in Canada and the United States. They played music festivals such as South By South West (Austin, Texas) and Suoni Il Per popolo (Montréal).

Past events