Peter James

Peter is an international interdisciplinary artist, comedian, dancer, director but above all, a Passionate Performer. He works with choreographers-directors and other designers. From Guy Alloucherie of H V D Z in France to Élizabeth Ancion of Gurgum, in Belgium; for Soheil Pasa of Modern Times Theater in Toronto and alongside Jean Frédéric Messier, Nathalie Claude and Céline Bonnier of Momentum, in Montréal; just as for Nathalie Derome, Catherine Tardif, Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon of 4D Art and with the Cirque Éloise… his collaborations are endless. Rebellious actor, unbreakable and borderline for almost 30 years, James wanders, navigates and hollows chaos’ viscera in search of wreckage, litter, history’s skeletons and humanity’s filths to create, produce and erect an art worthy of humankind.

Past events