Joel Kerr

As one of Montréal’s busiest and most versatile bassists, Joel Kerr is immersed in the city’s jazz, world and soul music scenes. In addition to leading his own band, the Joel Kerr Quartet, he a member of many ongoing creative projects, including soul band The Key-Lites, the experimental jazz trio Bean, the new old Jewish music ensemble Siach Hasadeh, the original klezmer band Shtreiml and country band The Firemen. As a sideman, Joel currently performs with several artists, including Moe Clark, Irem Bekter, Marie Trezanini, Renée Yoxon, Marie-Claire Durand and Ismail Fencioglu. With these groups as well as various other ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to rock bands, Joel has toured extensively across Canada, as well as in the US and Europe.

Past events