Nat King Pole

Nat King Pole’s sock-stuffed pants first bulged onto the scene in a roller rink in 1970s Cornwall, but it would be another thirty some-odd years before that bulge fully sprang to life on the stages of Miriam Ginestier’s famous Meow Mix nights!

Since those not-so-humble beginnings The Pole Man has hosted and performed in sold-out shows at Just For Laughs, won multiple competitions in Provincetown, has courted the ladies from the stages of Fierté Montréal and Halifax Pride, and has firmly solidified his title as “The Pantie Whisperer” at all the best parties in Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Boston, Vermont, Philadelphia and Rhode Island. NKP’s queerly unique dick-shtick and hilarious lyrical takes on our favorite songs has earned him adoring fans around the world, and a large collection of… souvenirs.

Past events