Martine Koutnouyan

Since her beginning in the world of VJing with the band Wetfish at the SAT in 2001, VJ Liberty, fueled by her new-found passion for projecting images in real time, has performed on many more occasions both at home in Quebec and internationally. Some of the major events of her career include: PixelAche with Swedish musician Andreas Tilliander; Dancing with DJ Ram and Martin Tétreault; Technopera — Turandot, in collaboration with the SAT and the Opera of Montreal; NextArt for the Florida Film Festival in Orlando; Art Futura in Barcelona; Viva Chizé; the "Biennale d’art contemporain" (Biennial of Comtemporary Arts) in France; and more recently, Technopera — The Turn of The Screw. Her style is very dynamic and she easily adapts to various music genres. She creates abstract textures that are all movement and then fades them in with more concrete images. She prepares her clips long before any performance but her strength lies in her ability to awaken them into rhythms that bring the music to life.

Past events

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