Laurette et Arlette

Soizick Hébert and Marie-Hélène Côté joined forces in 2017 to create Laurette and Arlette, a duo of eccentric and clownish women. They pool their original music and creativity for circuses, cabarets and festivals. Since 2020, this hilarious duo of inventive women comedians have produced various creations, Le Périple de Laurette et Arlette has been presented more than a hundred times before a large audience and continues its journey, L’An Verre; visual and musical evolution of the two characters in several Montréal storefronts and Bonsoir la visite, a large-scale digital project, surrounded by twenty or so collaborators, they produce six original and interactive programs that seduce an audience fond of new experiences.

Laurette and Arlette proudly wear their age, giving their presence an authentic and surprising character. From tics to manners from another time, this spirited conductor and this colorful starlet take viewers on a journey into a world outside of reality.

Past events