Charlotte Laurier

In 1978, Charlotte Laurier plays with a deep physical impulse the unforgettable character of Manon in the movie Les Bons Débarras. She then features in several films, among which Bonheur d’occasion by Claude Fournier, La Dame en couleurs by Claude Jutra, Le Party, by Pierre Falardeau and then Une histoire inventée by André Forcier and finally, 2 secondes by Manon Briand. In 2003, she goes into writing her first play titled Capharnaüm, presented at the Théâtre de laLicorne, and then in 2005, she wrote, played in and directed her second play: Autopsie femme, shown at the SAT In 2007, she made a come back to filming and codirects her first long feature film titled Les plus beaux yeux du monde, in which she played the leading part. She presently works on her next film: Arthur le preux planned for in 2010.

Past events