Bertrand Laverdure

Laverdure is born in 1967. He became a poet, a novelist and a journalist. He published several poetry books under Noroît (like Rires, 2004). His latest poetry book, Sept et demi, was published under Le Quartanier in 2007. Three other books by him: Gomme de xanthane (Triptyque, 2006), Lectodôme (Le Quartanier, 2008, finale selection for the Archambault 2010 literary award) and J’invente la piscine (La courte échelle, 2010).

Laverdure is part of the writing committee for the OVNI magazine in which he has is own column and write reviews. Laverdure also obtained the Joseph S. Stauffer award, given by the Canada Council for the Arts. The writer was also given the Rina-Lasnier award in 2003 for his collection Les forêts (Noroît, 2000). This collection was also part of the finale selection for the Emile-Nelligan award in 2000. His book Audioguide (Noroît, 2002) appeared in the selection for the Grand Prix du festival International de Poésie de Trois-Rivières, in 2003. Laverdure is interested by multidisciplinarity in literature and thinks a poet like a social-ergonomic human being who is looking for a middle ground between his greatest fears and the media possibilities that are available today.

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