Phoebe Legere

Phoebe Legere is a Massachusetts born and raised queer performance artist and songwriter who works in a variety of media. Her new album Heart of Love recently charted in the top 20 on the National “Roots” chart. Interview Magazine called Phoebe Legere "a genius." Legere studied art at Vassar College and music composition at Juilliard. Her openly gay band Monad was one of the first female-led bands ever signed to Epic Records. She opened for David Bowie on his National Tour, played with John Hartford, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell and Steve Martin.

Legere starred in many underground cult movies. In 2016 she created the Foundation for New American Art, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation that helps to educate, nurture and strengthen the artistic and musical spirit of the children of low-income communities. Legere considers political activism and community advocacy to be an integral part of her art practice. Her Epic poem The Waterclown, set to music, was short listed for the Pulitzer Prize. She has written 4 political plays with music including Queen of New England about her ancestor, Wampanoag Queen Weetamoo and the New England Native American Holocaust. The play received a NYCSCA award. She co-starred, singing, acting and playing the accordion in a recent TV special about queer artist Hilary Knight. She is currently recording an all-French album.

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