Léopard & moi

The members of Léopard & moi, Xarah Hillary Dion, Asaël R. Robitaille, Jean-Philippe Girard and Simon D., use guitars, keyboard, percussion and voice to improvise ballistic ballads, detonated dances and songs that will blow your fuse. At once, founders and product of the creative space La Brique, and members of the group Ample, Léopard & moi’s young musicians cultivate the art of chaos and perpetual motion. “A secret that screams infidelity against the rhythms of dance”. With already three self-produced albums to their name (Couche-lie-cœur, Au nord mon amour, Léopard 3), the group is currently recording a new album at The Pines studio.

During FVA 2009, they will play with Framboos, a duet composed of Liz Lima and Luke Dawson, and singer Frédérik Carrier from Zéphyr Artillerie. This group of young musicians in their twenties, at the heart of a new network, play regularly in Montréal and Québec.

Past events