André Éric Létourneau

Benjamin Muon/André Éric Létourneau are intercorporal, extradisciplinary artists and composers of temporal/sound architectures and textual journeys. Since the 1980s, they have performed on radio, in museums, galleries and public spaces, and at biennials, and have collaborated with publishers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. These artists conceive of the “self” as co-existing with the “other,” the outside, from the viewpoint of non-duality and friendly investigation into alterity. Among the ongoing concerns and forms of hybridization of this “self” are writing, mass and independent media, exploration of sound, music and narration, spatial wandering, and the deconstruction and reconstruction of myths and phenomena.

Muon manipulates art on a regular basis with other beasts, human or animal, such as the trio mineminemine (St-Onge/Babin), Décripitron (with Jim Bell) and when possible, Akunniq, a Siberian husky who on her own initiative becomes part of certain art pieces. Recent manipulations: “Standard” (since 2001 and recently; Madrid Biennale, School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; in progress until 2012), “Réflexions sur le projets de Saint-Thomas” (Biennale de Paris, 2006-2011) “rives hypermodulaires” (mixed music), Khédive and Malmelouk (hörspeil/opera, work-in progress, Voix d’Amériques 2011), “Combien d’esclaves avez-vous?” socio-aesthetic study (Levier/MAI, Montréal), and the CD-book Standard III (Radio-Canada + PPT\Stembogen, Paris).

Past events