Mathieu Lippé

Born in the Lower River region, Mathieu Lippé is a performer, a slamer, a singer and a professional teller since 10 years. He could hear his stories inspired by traditional tales, his talent for improvisation and his surreal verb in several concert rooms, national and international events. There was the festival Les jours sont contés in Estrie, the French college Bucharest in Romania and also Trois-Pistoles, Bordeaux, Geneva and even Bangalore in India. A popular teller, Lippé followed the path to all of these places. An invited poet for the film Un cri au bonheur, that came out in fall 2007, Dippé is still active on the Montréal slam scene where we see him on regular basis showcasing his sensitive texts, which are vibrating and are knocking you down, leaving you looking for more punches. A writer, a composer and an interpreter, Lippé presented his first album in 2007, Là où le cœur mène. After finishing in second place at the World Cup of Poetry (Paris in 2009), he was given the gold medal in the category Conte-Conteur (tale-teller) for the sixth edition of Les Jeux de la Francophonie which was presented at Beirut in October 2009.

Past events