Julie McInnes

Julie McInnes is an Australian singer, cellist, and multi-instrumentalist who travelled the world for many years as Musical Director, Composer, Performer and Musician in her country’s celebrated company: “Circus Oz”.

She has a long record of making weird and wonderful sounds in many musical styles, and has a passion for playing for moving objects.

She is an inventor of acts, and intrigues, and has been known to fly with her cello, play upside down and dance with her cello on a wheel.

Over the last 18 years Julie has performed for Cirque du Soleil: from creation in “O”, “KA”, “Amaluna” and “Allavita”, and also for Celine Dion’s “A New Day”.

She also has a background in fine art, film-making, theater and performance.

Now, Julie is embarking on new artistic adventures here in Montréal.

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