Claude McKenzie

Born in Shefferville in 1967, Claude Mckenzie started to sing at the age of seven. Two years later his father bought him a guitar and his familly moved to Sept-îles. In 1984 Claude met Florent Vollant and together they formed a band called Kashtin. Their music is a mix of rock and folk and they sing in Innu which is to both their native language. The duo will get a big success over the next ten years with the recording of three albums Kashtin, Innu, and Akaut Tuta, totalizing 500 000 copies sold and performing throughout Canada in front of millions of people. While receiving one of two Felix for Folk / country album of the year in 1990, Kashtin are seducing the European crowds and critics and perform at La Cigale opening for Louis Chedid and at the Bourges Festival together with Daniel Lanois. Both considering a solo career and their contract about to finish, the duo decides to split. In 1997, Claude receives a nomination at the Junos for Innu Town, his first solo album, and his career is back on tracks untill in 1999, a terrible car accident puts his life in jeopardy. It is not untill 2002 that Claude decides to go back on stage to present a few songs for the Mishtapew Gala (annual First Nation’s bussiness convention) The crowd gives him a triumphant welcome and this gives Claude the right confidence to get back to what he trully loves: Music. He then starts writing material for a new project which he will then call: Pishimuss, his second solo album.

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