Rita Mestokosho

Rita Mestokosho was born in Ekuanitshit, which means, “Take care of the place where you are.” She wrote her first verses of poetry when she was only 16. Since then, this young Innu from Mingan has used writing to speak of her life, her values and her people. An intimist poet of great sensibility, Rita Mestokosho writes in French and is one of few Aboriginal poets in Quebec to have published. Focusing on oral poetry, she has only published one book, Eshi Uapataman Nukum (which means “How I see life, Grandmother”) at Éditions Piekuakami (1995). She participated in Solstice Rouge – Voix de femmes during the 9th edition of the Montréal’s Aboriginal Arts Festival, Présence autochtone (1999) and in Nous sommes d’Amériques, presented at the Lion d’Or as part of the Festival international de la littérature (FIL) (1999). She has done extensive research in the field of education and was an Innu-language teacher. An activist, she is often invited to participate in meetings and give conferences in Canada and around the world (Italy, the Amazon, Venezuela, New Mexico).

Past events